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27 December 2019

How To Ting?

by Ping-Ko Chiu

How To Ting? — “Ting” as in throw away in Thai.

“Does it spark joy?” Jeans brother repeats to himself as he watches Tidying Up With Marie Kondo. But is the value of an object merely for the purpose of sparking joy?

The story depicts a complete home makeover for Jean, a Thai-Chinese lady who had just returned from studying in Sweden, from a childhood home filled with items that the family has accumulated over the years to a minimalist home-office. All the things have to be Ting, but each object carries memories —the camera from her ex, her dads piano, and various gifts from childhood.

Some memories are Jeans alone but others are shared memories. What if you are ready to let go but the other person is not? Just like Marcus and Alex in Tell Me Who I Am, to choose to let go or to choose to keep the memory is burden either way and has to be taken by one party or the other. The wake of Jean’s pursuit for pure minimalism, rippled through all of her relationships. We see those that needed healing be reminded of the past and their old wounds ripped open. We also see people that are dwelling in the past be forced to move forward. But no one cant stop Jean. She is not merely seeking minimalism for the aesthetics. For her, it is also a way of moving forward and healing. Perhaps it is necessary to move forward, but it is not without great costs.

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