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20 November 2019

Airpods Pro

by Ping-Ko Chiu

I just got a pair of Airpods Pro. I was too excited to get home before trying it so I popped them in on the way home (probably illegal).

You know how those luxury german cars have superb insulation which removes all the road, engine, wind, and plebian noises while you are driving on the highway?

Yeah the Airpods Pro does that for you with its noise cancellation feature. Sure, my suspension is stiff as hell and I can still tell the crappy conditions of 101 just by the vibrations alone. But DAMN, if I can just focus on the sound right now, I dont think I can tell apart my Mazda from a Mercedes.

If I am to put my Airpods Pro review in one sentence, I would say “it is the poor mans Mercedes”.

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