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14 June 2016

Reaction to gun violence

by Ping-Ko Chiu

A lot of tragedies lately: UCLA murder-suicide, Christina Grimmie, Orlando, man with $30k worth of weapons headed to LA gay pride. In the span of less than 2 weeks, the news has just been occupied with firearms violence. I recognize that, as an outsider, diving into the issue of gun control of the US is going to get hairy real quick. As a temporary visitor of this nation, how can I realistically judge how these people want to live their lives? But as a member of humanity, I just cannot understand how anyone can possess the means to take out many lives in a split second, and how so many Americans are turning a blind eye to this issue. Yes, we’ve all heard it before… “ITS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!” Whenever a politician suggests a need to reassess laws, or to introduce tighter controls, they are seen as trying to steal away the freedom that the Americans are entitled to. A friend made a remark on social media’s reponse in the aftermath of Orlando: “You want to know what the problem is? You really want to know how our society has become as completely fucked as it has? I give you the spawn of Satan, the greatest enemy to critical thinking that ever existed: the humble meme. We have become a society too fucking lazy to think in anything beyond the length of a meme…” Perhaps exaggerated, but he has a point. Go and find a rally speech from a political candidate, or an episode of one of the many late night shows. You hear the loudest cheers, not at the moment the person finishes delivering their idea(if they were even planning to), but at the moment the person says a word or a phrase that sounds important. The prejudice has become so rooted in some people that they become easily manipulated and completely unreasonable. Maybe it has always been like this everywhere, and I am just too young to know otherwise, but the ease to gain approval by throwing in words is just beyond me. Let us summarize the arguments from a camp of supporters: “Guns!”->”YEAH! FREEDOM!”, “Gun Control”->”HEY YOU CANT DO THAT, IT IS OUR RIGHT!”, “Shooting”->”mental illness/ those islamic terrorists/ crazies be crazy/ more the reason to conceal carry/ this has nothing to do with gun control”. These people’s love for guns blinds the ability for them to reason for its harm. On top of that, you have politicians jerking these people off to push for their own agenda. One of them comes out and utilizes this tragedy for his political campaign, blaming Muslims, and bashing other politicians immigration plans. Pointing fingers and emotional responses may achieve a temporary peace of mind, but it doesnt solve the real problem of gun violence. Perhaps it really takes an outsider to see the absurdity of this.

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